The Old Salt

Sports Port founder William Hill was the brainchild of the “Old Salt” which is the fisherman in the red boat out in front of the shop.

The Old Salt has stood the test of time and even has his own instagram account! There are lots of antidotes that involve the Old Salt. Here are a few that stand out.



Karen Hill, who owned Sports Port for 45 years talked about some young customers who thought it would be funny to take the Old Salt home, even if only temporarily. The father of one of the young pranksters caught wind of their shenanigans and quickly enforced the rightful return of the Old Salt as well as a sincere apology.

A resident of Barnstable used to make a point of driving past Sports Port when driving around Hyannis. When she and her young daughters would begin to approach the Old Salt they would start singing their song that they made up just for the Old Salt.

There was a jolly fisherman
There was a jolly fisherman
Fisher Fisher man man man
Fisher Fisher man man man
There was a jolly fisherman

In 2010 a woman lost control of her car just as she was passing Sports Port. The red boat and the Old Salt were demolished. Luckily the driver was okay and the Old Salt was the only one that sustained any real injuries. The incident was covered in the press you can watch the interview and read more here. 

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